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Realm of the Teensies


There are many different types of teensie, but despite being a teensie fanatic, I have not played many of the games and so i don't know many types of teensies. I searched the web, and came up with some results! Unfortunatly, that means alot of the work isn't mine, so i will link back to all the sites I used!

Rayman 3

this information is from


Grand Minimus
Leading the Teensie peoples as the caretaker of the Heart of the World, the Grand Minimus is the greatest little king of them all. Or kings, that is. Recent reports claim that no less than four Teensies squabble over rights to own the Minimus crown.


The Nookins
Before the Hoodlums invaded, the Nookins lived happily, tucked underground near the volcanic core. Unfortunately, this was the perfect place for a Hoodlum factory, and the Nookins soon found themselves, and their treasured ukuleles, kicked to the curb.


No one knows why the little Tufkins, who are famously bad climbers, trecked up in the frigid mountain realms. When theyre not yodeling, these Teensies are busy constructing a ski lift network for the whole village.


The Sylkins
The Sylkins are the Teensie forest dwellers, shepherding the giant Bonton creatures for wool and milk. After the work is done, theres nothing left for these funky folk to do but dance!


The Griskins
The mystic Griskins werent always ghosts. Once, their tribe roamed the Moor and performed their incantations freely. But the Great Spirit Palmito was aggravated by all the racket, so he turned the Griskins into ghosts and confined them to a great tower where their singing wouldnt wake up any more spirits.


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